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Oct 23, 2023

In this Christian pocast for men, we will be tackling an issue that every man deals with on his path to freedom in Jesus. It’s the obstacles and the blind spots that have a tendency to hold us back from having a deeper relationship with God and experiencing the fullness of his grace. So in this short episode, I want to give you some hope that yes you can do that. And a quick way to that you can START that today is through a FREE 5-day devotional series that I specifically designed to help you strengthen your faith… To START that devotional today, go to and click on the button that saids - FREE Devotional!

If you’re feeling distant from God. Or you feel rushed or stressed… Or overwhelmed by the demands and distractions of life like I was years ago and you’re ready to break free… my book Cut Through the Noise: 4 Steps to Joy, Peace and Freedom will give you the inspiration, framework, and tools to  eliminate hurry, remove distractions, draw closer to Jesus, and recharge your life…. To learn more and get your copy today, go to

It’s important to remember that we're not alone on this journey. We all face hurdles and blind spots, but by acknowledging them and seeking the Lord’s guidance, we can find the freedom we long for.

Our first obstacle on this journey is the fear of vulnerability. As Christian men, we often feel the pressure to project strength and composure, but this can create a barrier between us and Jesus. To experience true freedom, we must be willing to open up, share our struggles, and invite His healing presence into our lives. It's in our vulnerability that we find strength, not weakness. Remember, Jesus himself wept and shared His deepest emotions. So, let's break the chains of fear and let Him into our hearts.

The other 3 obstacles are talked about in this podcast for Christian men, podcast for dads. 

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